Out of the High Deserts: An Interview with Critically Acclaimed Songwriter, Bill Mallonee

“Winnowing is more like a trip to the confessional…transparent & vulnerable without being sentimental. These songs have elements that are more like prayers & pleas for faith. They’re questionings and wrangling in the dark about the journey.” – Bill Mallonee Twenty years ago at a music festival in Southern Illinois I was drawn by the noise

Critically Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Bill Mallonee talks about writing, faith, moving west, his love for Jack Kerouac and his recording – The Power & the Glory.

I’ve spent the better part of the last year writing about the nomadic way of life. The forthcoming Holy Nomad (September release) is a book about the heartache we experience living static lives trapped in “cells” of grief and isolation, bound by materialism, status or religion…but the real life we can find by emerging from