A Deal with the Devil? (Just in time for Trick or Treat): An Interview with the Author of The Devil Wears Nada

Just in time for Halloween, I had the opportunity to talk with my old college friend, Dr. Tripp York, about his new book The Devil Wears Nada. Dr. York did something that few religious folks have the courage (or audacity) to attempt; he set out on a mission to find the devil. And he hunted

Is the church narrating what it means to be an American or is America narrating what it means to be the church? Five Good Answers with Dr. Tripp York, Author of Third Way Allegiance

Tripp York is a friend of mine. He is also one of the most interesting people I know. Tripp is involved in university theater productions (both acting and directing); he is an author, a skateboarder, a surfer, and a well-degreed professor of theology (with papers from Duke University which makes him an intolerably loyal fan