Discipleship Might Be Boring?

Apopular journalist commented recently that, “… in today’s culture, everyoneis a publicist.” In his estimation, social media allows us to release several “press updates” a day detailing our trials or victories to the world. Last week, I wrote about our romance with social media and the temptation of aggrandizing our “digital personas” in a blog

What Would Jesus’ “Digital Life” (Facebook and Twitter Updates) Look Like?

I wrote a piece several months ago titled “I Am Not My Facebook Status” where I explored the spiritual side of social media and the easy narcissism brought on by our digital profiles (you can read the full piece here: https://mattlitton.com/2011/02/03/some-thoughts-on-the-spiritual-side-of-social-media-i-am-not-my-facebook-status/). Don’t get me wrong. I think everyone should live an extraordinary life; in fact,