Mockingbird Monday: What To Kill a Mockingbird Can Teach us about Political Correctness

When Atticus comes face-to-face with the political, religious, and social demon of racism, he does not mince his words. In a conversation with his brother Jack, he calls it “Maycomb’s usual disease”; and when he is forced to confront it at the trial of the black man falsely accused of rape and assault, he calmly

Civility and compassion in public discourse? Walking away from the Last Word (an excerpt from TMP)

I listened to a fellow educatorlamentlast week that ourstudents no longer understand how to civilly disagree with one another. I thought about his comment this weekend as I observed the newsfrom Wisconsin and watched the Sunday morning punditsyell ateach otherover the direction of our country’s politics. More than anytime I can remember, we seem to