from The Huffington Post:

In a Self-Righteous Religious Culture, Brennan Manning Reminded Us All is Grace

“The Story of Christmas Reminds Us to Believe in Each Other”

Where was God Last Friday? (Thoughts on the Newtown Tragedy)

A Tale of Two Fridays” (What Black Friday Says About Our Faith)

Compassion Holds the Key to Change” (Faith & To Kill a Mockingbird)

From Busted Halo:

Summer’s Rock ‘n Roll Sabbaths: Be Here Now

“Pruning for Lent”

“Lessons from the Midwinter Blues”

“Saving Yourself from a Burned Out Christmas”

“Resurrection and Reunion”

“Spring Cleaning & Renewing Your Commitment to Prayer”

“A Resolution to Remember”

“Wandering through Advent” (A ‘Nomadic’ Look at Christmas)

from Catalyst Leader:

“WE ARE Lazarus”


“A Call to the Christian Imagination”

“Wrestling with Community” What does Christian community look like?

“Running into Change Why believing in change is the essence of faith.

“My Supernatural Radio” The importance of finding God in the quiet.

“Department Store Jesus” from Relevant Magazine on-line (also read by Dave Ramsey on his national radio program). An article about refocusing our lives around the true meaning of Christmas.

“Do we need The Creation Museum?” You might be a fan of the Creation Museum- but is it really worth the cost?

“Yard Sale Grace” Understanding our faith in a consumer culture.

“My Cha-Cha-Christianity” How do we approach doubt in a culture where answers are at our finger-tips?

“Review of Giving by Bill Clinton” A non-partisan look at the book Giving by former President Bill Clinton

The Mockingbird Parables related articles:

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Interview with about Holy Nomad: the Rugged Road to Joy

The Living Church— the national Episcopal Newspaper — interview by Retta Blaney and posted on her awesome blog