Is the church narrating what it means to be an American or is America narrating what it means to be the church? Five Good Answers with Dr. Tripp York, Author of Third Way Allegiance

Tripp York is a friend of mine. He is also one of the most interesting people I know. Tripp is involved in university theater productions (both acting and directing); he is an author, a skateboarder, a surfer, and a well-degreed professor of theology (with papers from Duke University which makes him an intolerably loyal fan

Friday’s Five Good Answers: Nashville Singer-songwriter Gabriel Kelley talks about faith, music, his dance moves, and his solo-project with the Cardinals

(This particular Five Good Answers originally ran March 18th, 2011.Since the interview, Kelley successfully raised money for his project and is now busy placing the final touches onthe upcoming album). Born and raised on a farm in Northeast Georgia, Gabriel Kelley grew up living a simple life surrounded by music. In his youth, he left

Interview with Pastor, Professor and Author of God without Religion: Andrew Farley

Leonard Sweet called Andrew Farley, “one of the best young writers yet most mature thinkers in the church today.” Andrew Farley is the bestselling author of The Naked Gospel and lead teaching pastor of Ecclesia, a growing church on the high plains of west Texas. Andrew co-hosts “Real Life in Christ”, a thought-provoking TV program