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  • I’m so grateful I had the chance to collaborate with Matt Litton and for the insight he was able to bring to my new book The God Who Stays. He is an incredible writer and I am also just a fan of who he is as a person.

    Matthew West – Songwriter, Podcaster, Author

  • Matt Litton is a gifted writer and editor that makes it all look effortless. But don’t be fooled; he’s a focused, thoughtful and seasoned professional who partners with his clients to achieve superior and satisfying results. Anyone fortunate enough to work with Matt will surely experience the same.

    Steve Green, Literary Agent & President of Anvil II Management

  • I really enjoyed co-writing my prayer devotional On Our Knees alongside Matt. His knowledge, experience and talent was invaluable through the process. I look forward to writing with him again!

    Phil Wickham, Songwriter & Author

  • Thank you, Matt Litton, for the coaching, the ideas, and the encouragement. My book is easily ten times better than it would have been without your involvement. You are the real deal…

    Kris Kelso, Author of Overcoming the Imposter

  • Words shape the worlds we live in and Matt Litton not only communicates, He connects them to the fullest possibility of potential and power towards a life forever changed.  This is the difference maker in choosing an editor and collaborator and this is why I am thrilled to recommend Matt! 

    Ed Newton, Author of Breath Again and Lead Pastor of Community Bible Church

  • “One thing that makes Matt Litton a great writer is how wonderful a listener he is. He makes sure his first job is to connect with the author and the content, and then everything falls into place. His heart for an author’s message guides his writing, and that is invaluable to a publisher.”

    Kyle L. Olund, Sr. Acquisitions Editor for the W Publishing Group (‎HarperCollins Christian Publishing)

  • “I had a blast working with Matt Litton on my book Retire Inspired! Matt helped me talk through a lot of complicated teaching to make sure I was presenting it in a way any reader could understand. He also challenged me to dig deep and find personal stories from my life to add depth and authenticity to the book. Matt added an editorial eye that made this a better project from top to bottom!”

    CHRIS HOGAN, Speaker & Author, the Dave Ramsey Group

  • “Matt Litton, you are the man. Thank you for the long hours, late nights, dozens of phone calls and writing sessions, and for stretching me outside of my comfort zone.”

    ANTHONY ONEAL, Speaker & Author, the Dave Ramsey Group

  • “Matt was fast—when we needed a project done fast. Our project wouldn’t have made it to the shelves on time without Matt Litton. He’s thorough. He’s professional.  And he stuck around well after his job was done to help with marketing and promotion.”

    MATT YATES, Partner, Yates & Yates Literary Agency

  • Matt Litton, it was a privilege to lock arms with you on this book. Thank you for your work, the constant encouragement, and for your passion for the message.” 

    KEN COLEMAN- Speaker & Author, the Dave Ramsey Group

  • “Matt designed a unique and valuable writing curriculum and adapted it effectively for our micro-lecture format, drawing on literature, journaling techniques, and his teaching background to build a course on writing a 5-paragraph essay on any topic. This essential skill course for high school students emphasizes both Matt’s creative, problem-solving thinking about education, and his commitment to helping students develop the tools they need for success.”

    AARON LINNE, CEO of Intelligent Education/Lineage Media

  • I had the privilege and opportunity to work with Matt Litton to develop engaging character lessons and curriculum that Upward coaches and leaders across the country could use with their athletes. This was one of our key impact projects for the year, and Matt knocked it out of the park for us. He helped us develop a new strategy and direction for the curriculum and then wrote all of the character lessons for our organization. Matt ensured we met all of our objectives, reached our deadlines, and exceeded expectations with the project.

    WILL BLANTON, Director of Leader Equipping at Upward Sports

  • When we needed help in developing the language to tell our story in a clear, compelling way, Matt Litton moved us toward identifying the most effective means of helping our audiences understand and appreciate our mission. Matt has not only given us language we can use, he has helped us think about the most effective delivery methods for our message.”

    TOMMY KYLE, Executive Director, Nations of Coaches

  • It was a pleasure working with Matt Litton. He worked with me to bring my message together for my audience. I appreciated his enthusiasm and positive attitude throughout our project. He worked in a timely & organized manner and provided helpful and creative suggestions. I’d recommend Matt for anyone needing writing support. He’s a wonderful person to have as a writing partner for an important project.”

    DR. RHONA EPSTEIN, Author & Speaker

  • When I needed a content editor with an eye and ear for a sports-related book, Matt Litton was the first call I made. He had the knowledge, sense of structure, and passion for the manuscript to make significant contributions to the finished book. I’m glad he was a part of our project, and I’m glad to recommend him.”

    MATT WEST, CEO of Dexterity Publishing

  • Matt Litton was not only easy to work with on my last manuscript, he was extremely helpful on many levels—with suggestions on flow, content, and sequence of thought. I plan to seek him out on my future book projects. He was everything I hoped he would be.”

    TIM ELMORE, Author & President of Growing Leaders

  • Matt was the editor at large who jumped into my manuscript to provide fresh eyes and insight. Matt, thank you for affirming me as a leadership expert and helping me find my voice in writing.”

    JENNI CATRON, Author and Speaker

  • “I trust Matt with our most important clients and projects. His ability to make authors feel comfortable is remarkable and rare. He also understands the big picture of publishing— how development impacts marketing, publicity, and book sales. I can dump a bunch of messy details on Matt and he can shape them into a beautiful story.”

    SHANNON LITTON, Literary Agent & CEO of 5by5 Marketing Group

  • A special thank you to Matt Litton, who originally helped me come up with ideas and the title of this book.”

    ANDREA WHITE, Actress & Producer

  • “Writing a book is a daunting task for most people. With all of the responsibilities I have on my plate, it certainly was for me. Matt completely changed all that. What I was once dreading became a truly enjoyable experience. Matt did an incredible job of focusing my message and the important information in a very concise amount of     time and delivering it into written form not just perfectly, but also in my voice. I am looking forward to our next book project.”

    CAZ MCCASLIN, President & Founder of Upward Sports


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