Saving Yourself From a “Burned-out” Christmas (Busted

I’ve heard thousands of sermons and attended a handful of Advent services. As I consider these messages, from the magical to the
mundane, I can honestly say that very few provided the level of practical day-to-day advice one speaker imparted when he pulled a “plastic gun” from his pocket and introduced parishioners to the wonders of the Lightkeeper Pro, a product with the bold claim of being the “complete tool” for fixing light sets and pre-lit trees.

Not only does this little invention make my top five list of bits of worldly wisdom shared from a church stage, it might be one of the greatest inventions of modern technology … move over Apple products!

Let me explain: When you attach this toy-like innovation to a string of impotent Christmas lights and click the trigger — something wondrous and unexplainable happens. It brings light where there was none. My wife was putting up a string of lights the other week and plugged them in to find that several were not working. We’ve all been there haven’t we? She retrieved our mystical Lightkeeper, pulled the trigger several times, and before we could pour another cup of eggnog, the room was filled with the soft glow of Christmas lights.

So take hope all you burdened with strings of burned out, overused holiday lights, all you heavy laden with temporarily darkened artificial trees … there is help at your local drug store. I will forever be indebted to that bearded church elder for introducing us to this light-keeping miracle. The rapid clicking sound of that little tool has become embedded in Christmas tradition at our house.

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Merry Christmas!


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