A Resolution to Remember (from Busted Halo)

I am a little ashamed to tell you that I cannot recall what my New Year’s resolutions were three-hundred-sixty-some days ago. My forgetfulness reminds me of high school, when I had a part in a skit for a New Year’s program that was modeled after Saturday Night Live. My favorite was “Mr. Short-Term Memory.” The original character was played brilliantly by Tom Hanks and written by an up-and-coming comedian named Conan O’Brien. I loved the episode where Tom Hanks went to dinner and kept having moments of exasperation where he would question who put food in front of him or what was just said in the conversation. I’m not sure our high school version lived up.

I took the kids when they were younger to watch Finding Nemo and enjoyed their frustrated laughter at poor Dory. She was the blue fish with short-term memory loss getting everyone in trouble with her forgetfulness.

It will be funny if you don’t recall any of these television or movie moments, and appropriate, because we essentially live our lives of faith the same way.

You might say the Bible is packed with skits like “Mr. Short-Term Memory” and characters like Dory. It is one of the perpetual themes in our story that God’s people fail to remember his faithfulness to them.

It is the nature of God’s people (yes, you and me) to forget over and over and over … and, well … over.



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