A Better Story than Black Friday (from New York Minute Magazine)

This week we will celebrate the very ailment that robs so many of us from realizing a life of meaning and joy. Before the turkey and stuffing have settled and the tryptophan haze can send us into the arms of the lazy-boy for a deep afternoon snooze, we will absquatulate like herds of famished zombies toward storefronts and Stuff-marts to unwittingly revel in the tragic disease that inhibits us from living a story worth sharing. Thoreau articulated it best when he stated, “It is the preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly.”

I’ve met plenty of folks recently who claimed they were desperate for a better story.

The man across the table lamented about the depressing circumstances of his professional life. “I wish I could be in the classroom…” he said with a sense of longing, “I just can’t afford to take the pay cut.” His Alden boots, Movado watch and brand new Lexus revealed a different take on the situation. The retired couple of medical professionals shared their desire to move to Haiti and do relief work, but just couldn’t “afford it.” Their two mortgages, boat payments and Godzilla-sized credit card balance suggested dissimilar priorities.

Read the full article here: at New York Minute Magazine.


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