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Nomadic Book Club Tour is coming to Your Neighborhood: Spring/Summer ‘13

I wrote in Holy Nomad that you can (and probably should) be nomadic from the very same zip code; in the spirit of that idea, I am hoping to join your book club, reading group, small group, or church study for a discussion of Holy Nomad: The Rugged Road to Joy via Skype over the next few months. I am really looking forward to the chance to connect and share our exploration of what “real life/life to the fullest” can mean in our lives, on our streets, across our neighborhoods and communities.

I will meet with groups of 8 or more members who have purchased and are reading Holy Nomad for two 30-minute book discussions via Skype.  The first discussion will be a kick off of your group’s study; the second discussion will be more of a Q & A after your group has completed reading the book.

Just a few conditions:

I would ask that your group purchase at least 8 copies of Holy Nomad (either the e-book or the real deal). 

Second, you need an active Skype account and should be able to make arrangements for us to connect.

E-mail me @ for more details and to determine the times and dates for us to hang out and discuss the book!



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