Where was God last Friday? (Reflecting on the tragedy in Newtown) from Huffington Post

I stood in the hallway watching students file from school last Friday and shared the shock and horror brought on by the breaking news from Connecticut with my teaching colleagues.  As a father, my heart was broken over and over this weekend as each new little face, each family, every new angle of the story unfolded.

I was left with some pretty unmanageable questions watching the President speak at the prayer vigil on Sunday.  While some were wrestling with questions about the necessity of gun-control, mental health measures, or maybe even rethinking our culture’s candy-bin distribution of psychotropic drugs… I was fixated on another issue.  While the President lamented at the frequency of these horrible tragedies, I found myself struck with a rather cumbersome question directed a little higher than the Oval office.

I would like to ask God:  “Where were you in that the room full of children last Friday morning?”

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10 thoughts on “Where was God last Friday? (Reflecting on the tragedy in Newtown) from Huffington Post

  1. Thanks for your insight, Matt. God is with us always, and he will help these families and this nation to heal.

  2. Matt: A lovely piece. As a not so perfect Christian I have struggled mightily with the incidents of Friday, and wondered where was God. Your essay perfectly summed it up. It reminded me of why I retained my faith after losing both my grandmother and mother to very horrible deaths from cancer over a span of three years. God does work with us and through us in these tragedies, we must hang onto our faith and persevere through the adversity of our lives. I often thought of losing my mother when she was only 40 but with time recalled that God lost his only son (in human form) in a very nasty brutish way at age 33. I do have faith that God through Jesus has redeemed us and we will be reunited with him and our loved ones. May the parents of Sandy Hook, find peace.

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Mark. I struggle with answers to this tragedy and hope that people will respond with offering thier love and presence to those families…

  3. To answer your question, God is not allowed in our schools. Our society as decided that God, the Bible and Prayer are to offensive to be in our Government and our school systems. What we are now witnessing is America reaping what it’s society has sown. When these things were allowed in our schools our children had something called Morals. Our Country has decided Morals are Offensive and we now see the results of that America finds so offensive.

    Congratulations America

  4. God does not exist. It’s the truth absolutely staring you in the face but you can’t see it because of your ‘faith’.

    1. And some would say you are demonstrating an enormous amount of ‘faith’ to assume that God doesn’t exist. Thank you for taking the time to visit and share your thoughts J, they are always welcome here.

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