Holy Nomad featured in the Book Club

I wanted to take a moment to pass along a couple of thoughtful reviews of Holy Nomad: The Rugged Road to Joy from the talented bloggers over at

From “The Cultivare Blog” by Kyle Roberts:

“I suppose this book falls in same genre as The Ragamuffin Gospel (Brennan Manning) and The Sacred Romance (Brent Curtis and John Elderidge)–sort of a combination of memoir, inspirational writing, and biblical/theological reflection. As an academic, I’ve grown used to reading lengthy tomes, with long, winding sentences, gnostic-like “discourse” understandable only to the initiated, and plenty of fifty-dollar words. While I wouldn’t want my theology any other way (sort of), this book was a nice change. The chapters are remarkably short (I found myself several times thinking, “already?”). The prose is lively, quick and engaging. I didn’t find many fifty-dollar words. But I did find my heart stirred on more than one occasion.”

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From “Take & Read” by Elizabeth Nordquist:

“I recommend this book highly for those who seek to know what the Jesus story is all about and for those whose vision and journey have become jaded and dim in the process of trying to do the right thing. This book is a gift.”

Full review:

From “Take & Read” by David Swartz

“Matt Litton didn’t intend this but Holy Nomad: The Rugged Road to Joy resembles a deep dish pizza with everything on it. Even after you pick off what you don’t like, what’s left is still pretty good. By that, I mean that the book speaks to spiritual toddlers as well as to the marathoners among us…”

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