Pre-Order The Holy Nomad (September ’12) – And A Brief Blog-Holiday

Surfing through titles at the other day, I was surprised to see my upcoming book The Holy Nomad: The Rugged Road to Joy (September 2012 release) up and available for pre-order! (Here isthe book cover and the Amazon link, if you are interested in ordering a copy ahead of time). I had the chance to work with a stellar editor this past year and am so excited about gearing up for the release of The Nomad. Anything you can do to help spread the word…well, I would be grateful.

It is that time of Spring when the weather has been at it long enough we are finally beginning to thaw out. Up here in Ohio, they say never to plant until Mother’s Day (my mom reminds me of this every year), because that’s when the frosts are officially gone for the year and life is truly in bloom all around us. I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to be indoors and look around at all the clutter and trappings of Fall and Winter… so a little belated Spring cleaning is going down at my house right now.

There is plenty for me to clean up here at the website as well over the next couple of weeks. I am working with some great people to redesign, throw up new content, and add some Holy Nomad related material. I’m going to take a blog-holiday for the next few weeks with plans to get back to it in June with some consistent weekly content (and I already have some cool interviews lined up).

Until then, feel free to look through the site and check out some of the older blog posts!

Thanks for visiting!

~ Matt

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