Feeling Like a Counterfeit? (Your Probably Doing Something Right)

I found an old t-shirt of my sisters who passed away several years ago in the bottom of a box of keepsakes her husband gave us when he remarried. It was one of her favorite shirts to wear when she was bumming around – a grey PT shirt with ARMY emblazoned across the front. I threw it in the wash and decided to wear it.

I walked into a gas station the other day to buy a drink. Standing in line several of the patrons started to thank me for my service to our country. Talk about feeling phony. I politely explained that I have never served, that it was my sister’s shirt — which sent the conversation into an even more uncomfortable turn. Needless to say I found the fastest way to exit the conversation without being dishonest, paid for my drink, and quickly headed for the door.

As I drove away I thought about how wonderful it is that people take the time to thank the men and women who volunteer to serve our country.

I also shuddered at how uncomfortable it was to be mistaken for one of these brave volunteers because I was wearing my sister’s t-shirt.

The intriguing thing about that feeling – it was the same one that I usually experience when I set out to accomplish something significant.

I think the first words we hear when we attempt to respond to God’s calling are the voices of resistance.

Something quietly admonishes us, “you’re a counterfeit; you shouldn’t be ‘wearing that t-shirt.'”

Many of us have differing opinions as to its origin, but the truth is:

This adversarial voice is always waiting for you at the door when you set out to follow a meaningful path.

But it should serve as a compass rather than a deterrent, because it is also the clearest indication that you are doing precisely what you need to be doing. Next time you hear that voice whispering in your ear — walk in its direction.

Next time you set out to respond to God’s call, do it with the complete confidence that hearing the voice of this adversarywill tell you that you are exactly where you need to be…

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