It’s OK to Divorce Pat Robertson’s Program Too

As much as I don’t want to write about the man, Pat Robertson caused quite an uproar this week with his commentary about divorce. It shouldn’t surprise anyone who has paid attention to his remarks the last couple of years:

Do you remember on his CBN show (that still boasts one million viewers) Robertson pontificating that Hurricane Katrina was “God’s judgment” for our nation’s legalized abortion?

Do you remember Robertson saying that the nation of Haiti had been devastated by a large earthquake because its people “made a pact with the devil“?

Something happened a long time ago in Haiti, and people might not want to talk about it,” Robertson said. “They were under the heel of the French … and they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, ‘We will serve you if you’ll get us free from the French.'”

True story,” he continued. “And the devil said, ‘OK, it’s a deal.’ Ever since, they have been cursed by one thing after another.

Robertson’s commentary on marriage this week was equally as disturbing: “I hate Alzheimer’s. It is one of the most awful things because here is a loved one—this is the woman or man that you have loved for 20, 30, 40 years. And suddenly that person is gone. They’re gone. They are gone. So, what he says basically is correct. But I know it sounds cruel, but if he’s going to do something he should divorce her and start all over again. But to make sure she has custodial care and somebody looking after her.

When you take a good look at Robertson’s remarksover the past few years — it can make you question his mental stability. Pat Robertson’s self-serving misconceptions about the Gospelare sad. And it makes meirritable to think about all the people who hear his voice and associate it with our faith. He seems to miss the meaning of the third commandment, wielding the words and the name of God with terrible ignorance, arrogance and very little grace.

Only one positivedevelopment might come of Robertson’s controversial and misguided views on the conditions of marriage: maybe this will give his supposed one-million viewers the wisdom and spiritual freedom to divorce themselves from his program.

Perhaps it would be more fitting to simplyforget what channel he is on or what time…

You can read an excellentOp-Ed piece from Christianity Today about Robertson’s comments here:

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