When the Good News Makes for Good News

In a media culture that incessantly pushes the latest market dive or the impending death of some evil dictator to the forefront of their headlines, it is refreshing to read something hopeful and uplifting. There just isn’t enough reported about people of faith actually living the Good News. More often than not, the “religious” garner headlines for hateful and disparaging acts that are far from the true incarnation of our faith practice — like burning books or the repulsive act of protesting funerals.

I came across this article on the CNN Belief Blog several days ago and was moved by the response of the people of Joplin (and many across the country) in the aftermath of the terrible tornadoes. It is reassuring that so many have not forgotten and are still working to provide hope in the aftermath of such tragedy.

“Joplin, Missouri (CNN) —On May 22, this blue-collar town on the edge of the Ozark Mountains was dealt the most deadly tornado since modern record-keeping on twisters began in 1950. The tornado killed 150 and injured more than 1,000.

After the disaster, the parking lot at the Joplin Family Worship Center became a donation center geared toward helping tornado victims.

The church has more than 7,000 volunteers who have served thousands of people with everything from food, to clothing to appliances. Tractor-trailers with supplies totaling more than $5-million have dropped off donations from around the country.

You can read the full piece by Ninette Sosa here:

The Good News actually produces good news sometimes when it is lived out in our neighborhoods.

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