Discipleship Might Be Boring?

Apopular journalist commented recently that, “… in today’s culture, everyoneis a publicist.” In his estimation, social media allows us to release several “press updates” a day detailing our trials or victories to the world. Last week, I wrote about our romance with social media and the temptation of aggrandizing our “digital personas” in a blog titled, “What Would Jesus’ Digital Life Look Like?”

I touched on the misconception that true discipleship rarely garners headlines, attention grabbing Tweets, or interesting Facebook posts.

I found athoughtful piece from Andrew Byers at Relevant Magazine titled “Why We Need Boring Christians” (great title, isn’t it?)that effectively speaks to the realities of living a faithful life:

“Following Jesus is not to be romanticized through impressive Facebook status updates or photos of exotic places on our blog. Discipleship is often ugly, messy and painful. Faithful service will regularly lead us into dull labors and bewildering struggles that would make unexciting press. To romanticize social justice or cross-cultural evangelism is to promote an idealism that will be inevitably vaporized on the field, inadvertently leading to burnout and cynicism.”

Read the full article here:

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