“People are the Enemy?” – Thoughts on the Tragedy in Norway by Matt Chambers of SafeWorld Nexus

As I sat down to blog today about the horrible events in Norway last Friday, I came across this thoughtful piece written by my friend Matt Chambers who runs SafeWorldNexus…

Matt articulates some of the same issues that I wrestled with over the weekend. I think you’ll enjoy his writing:

I’ve tried to write this post about ten times.

Each time I begin putting words to the page, something stops me. It’s not because I’m afraid it’s too controversial (although, I do think it’s something we all deal with regularly), but it just never felt like the right time.

Until last Friday.

Anders Breivik perverted and distorted the message of the cross. In the aftermath, nearly 100 people are confirmed dead, untold thousands are affected, and potentially billions around the world are left wondering “why?”

What we must remember is that what happened on Friday actually began years ago.

Somewhere along the way, Breivik believed a lie. It was the same lie that fueled the inquisition, led the charge during the crusades and continues to wage war for our hearts every day.

It’s a simple lie, and that’s the problem. Simple lies are the easiest to believe.

Here it is: people are the enemy…

You can read the rest of Matt’s thoughts (and bookmark his new blog “Ethoshift”) here:

I also encourage you to check out the wonderful work his organization SafeWorldNexus is doing around the world here:

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