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“…but I might be wrong.”

I was doing my daily tour of the national newsa few days ago(CNN, Fox, USA Today, etc.) when I came across this wonderful Op-Ed penned by Ian Morgan Cron titled, “Five Words That Could Save the Church”.

I have written at length on the unhealthy nature of the discourse currently plaguing faith conversations in the American Church. (See the reaction to Rob Bell’s latest book).

Cron articulates the lasting solution to this type of theological (and tribal) in-fighting in a refreshing and agreeable way:

Five words could prevent the public brawls between Christians who differ in their opinions on social and theological issues.

“…but I might be wrong.”

Pepper an impassioned debate with those five words with someone you’ve previously denounced as a heretic or traitor to the cause and an amazing thing happens.

It tells your “opponent” on the other side of the issue that you care more about the mutual pursuit of truth rather than in placing another check in your camp’s win column. It communicates that maintaining Christian unity despite your differences is more important to you than scoring points and dancing in your “opponent’s” end-zone.”

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