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From the Archives: Thinking about Sustenance

Wednesday is usually an “off day” here at the blog, but I was going back through some writing last week, found this piece and thought I’d break tradition to share it with you. Ibelieve I wrote it around the time of the Wall Street scandals/government bail-outs, but it certainly works for where I am today…

One of my favorite writers recently encouraged me to go back and study Israel’s journey through the wilderness in the Old Testament. For forty years every need that they had was met by God, sustenance in the form of manna literally fell from the sky and water came from rocks. The story even tells us that their clothes didn’t wear out! Forget Under Armor – can you imagine clothes that would last forty years under those extreme conditions?
Open your web-browser to any news site – these are uncertain times. From Egypt to your hometown – the headlines today scream about the instability of the world we live in.The story of Israel’s journey through the wilderness speaks directly to our hearts in these anxious times. Israel’s primary form of sustenance was “manna” – there is no real scientific explanation matching the biblical description of manna – but the idea is one worth meditating on.
God provided manna for Israel every morning, it would be gathered and used, but could not be stored. The people had to rely completely on God for “their daily bread” and could do nothing by their own power to protect themselves from the possibility of going hungry the very next day. This promise speaks directly into modern day unrest and anxieties, it is not a promise of prosperity, not even a promise that we won’t go hungry. God doesn’t guarantee your 401k, your mortgage, protection from acts of terror, or even your job… but He does guarantee that whatever challenges we find in this wilderness of life – He will sustain us.

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