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TMP Small Group Study Guides and a Preview of Friday’s “Five Good Answers” with Brian McLaren

The Mockingbird Parables Small Group Study Guides are now available for free download! I basically set out to provide you with the collection of questions I attempted to work through as I framed the Gospel narrative with-in the characters, plots, and themes of America’s novel. I hope it is helpful in creating thoughtful conversation around the study of the book! Go to the Purchase The Mockingbird Parables Page above and scroll to the bottom for the link to the free download (and pass the word about it).

I recently sat down with author, activist, and speaker Brian McLaren to talk about the church, culture, and his new book Naked Spirituality. The interview will run here at the website in this Friday’s edition of “Five Good Answers” but I thought I would provide you will a little preview:

Matt: What are you hoping to communicate in your upcoming book, Naked Spirituality?

Brian: I’m sure that I think that every new book is my best … but I do have really high hopes for Naked Spirituality. In short, I hope it provides a reading experience that renders a lot of people vulnerable to experiencing God. That’s my hope … not just that people learn about four stages of the spiritual life, or that they gain three specific practices relevant to each of those four stages … but that in using those practices, each lodged in a simple word, they’ll find (to use the language from Luke’s Christmas story) the power of the Most High overshadowing them, and they’ll become increasingly “pregnant” with Jesus.

Make sure to check out the rest of the conversation this Friday!

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