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New Years Resolution (to the World?) and Running into Change

I came across this section on and had to laugh:

How daunting is it to share your New Year’s Resolution with the entire world via the web? As far as I know, Jared made the call to SubwayAFTER the fact – right? Resolutions are great though. They areone of the reasons that I reallyenjoy theNew Year. Iappreciate thehope that is so visible infolks this time of year. I love the idea that we all (even if it is just for a couple of days) believe that we can really change – we can genuinely imagine it. I was reminded this morning of some lines about changeI wroteduring the holidays several years ago for Relevant “Let’s face it, we talk about change, but we don’t handle change really well, and when we speak of change it isn’t frequently that we can do it with our whole hearts, without the voices of cynicism falling down around us…” The piece is a New Year’s meditation called “Running into Change.” I hope you enjoy it:

One thought on “New Years Resolution (to the World?) and Running into Change

  1. Beautifully written! I especially like, “It was as if God himself had exhaled heartily on our Ohio town to warm
    it for transitory moments…” Our lives with God are all about change. It took me far to long to be at peace with this truth, but now I am ready for what may come.

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