WHY I’M “GONE FISHING” (& You Should Be Too)

The other day, I posted a note on my office door as a reminder to myself that has been encouraging through my good days of work and ESPECIALLY through the bad. The sign read: “Gone Fishing.” Now, for most of us, the phrase “gone fishing” sounds like “gone on vacation,” but my sign actually has […]

3 “Must Reads” for Every Writer

Helping people shape their book concepts, tell their story, and focus their message to the readers who need it most has proven to be a real source of joy for me. It’s been a pleasant collision of my experience teaching writing and my familiarity with imagining concepts and crafting them into publishable books. My first […]

“Play Like You Belong” (from New York Minute Magazine)

I recall looking at an upcoming project in an on-line catalogue and thinking about how surreal it was to see my name there. My book was surrounded by pages of talented and seasoned authors: best-selling writers that I imagined didn’t plunk through words on an old laptop like me… no, their fingers effortlessly surfed fruit-branded […]