A Resolution to Remember (from Busted Halo)

I am a little ashamed to tell you that I cannot recall what my New Year’s resolutions were three-hundred-sixty-some days ago. My forgetfulness reminds me of high school, when I had a part in a skit for a New Year’s program that was modeled after Saturday Night Live. My favorite was “Mr. Short-Term Memory.” The […]

I Want to “Be Like Mike” (& Why We Should Be Wary of Celebrity Culture)

I saw Jason Sudekis, one of my favorite SNL personalities, on a talk show wearing some throw-back AJ’s with his suit.  It was pretty stylish.  I’m four-decades in now, so when I say “throw back” Jordan’s – well – it means pretty far back. I went out the next day and found a pair of […]

Where was God last Friday? (Reflecting on the tragedy in Newtown) from Huffington Post

I stood in the hallway watching students file from school last Friday and shared the shock and horror brought on by the breaking news from Connecticut with my teaching colleagues.  As a father, my heart was broken over and over this weekend as each new little face, each family, every new angle of the story […]