3 “Must Reads” for Every Writer

Helping people shape their book concepts, tell their story, and focus their message to the readers who need it most has proven to be a real source of joy for me. It’s been a pleasant collision of my experience teaching writing and my familiarity with imagining concepts and crafting them into publishable books. My first […]

Critically Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Bill Mallonee talks about writing, faith, moving west, his love for Jack Kerouac and his recording – The Power & the Glory.

Bill playing

I’ve spent the better part of the last year writing aboutthe nomadic way of life. The forthcoming Holy Nomad (September release), is a book about the heartachewe experience living static lives trapped in “cells” of grief andisolation, bound by materialism, status and religion…but thereal lifewe can findbyemerging fromlife’s dark prisons… by learning to meet the […]