“Is it well?” Why we should stop trying to explain tragedy.

Frederick Buechner wrote, “Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.” And at times it seems that the “terrible” looms a bit larger than the beautiful. The news of late has been as perilous and unpredictable as the rise and crash of ocean waves in a hurricane. Each report seems

Out of the High Deserts: An Interview with Critically Acclaimed Songwriter, Bill Mallonee

“Winnowing is more like a trip to the confessional…transparent & vulnerable without being sentimental. These songs have elements that are more like prayers & pleas for faith. They’re questionings and wrangling in the dark about the journey.” – Bill Mallonee Twenty years ago at a music festival in Southern Illinois I was drawn by the noise

“A Call for the Christian Imagination” from Relevant Magazine

It doesn’t take long as a Christian to realize there’s a wide and ugly gap between the bare-walled reality we feel captive to and the joy Jesus offers. But I have realized the tension of this dilemma is something Jesus acknowledged in His Sermon on the Mount—and in it, we find we already possess one