The Author is with Us

There is nothing like getting lost in a story. I love so many different storytellers: from John Irving to JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis to Stephen King (and yes, Harper Lee)….Stories are deeply affecting–they arehow we define ourselves, our world, and each other. As I was reading through the Gospel narratives of the birth of Jesus […]

is generous giving the key to a fulfilling life of faith?

Donald Miller begins his book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years with some clever (but poignant) lines about story. He tells a brieftale about a guy who works all the time to save up for a car.With a humorous delivery, he explains that no one really wants to read abook or watch a movie […]

CS Lewis & What a life of faith should look like…

Last Sunday at church, Pastor Rick told a story about a faithful 70-year-old man he deeply admires who has attended our church for a long time. This gentleman’s health has been rapidly deteriorating over the last few years due to a severe “brittle” diabetic condition and Bell’s Palsy. It is now difficult for him to […]