Why Terror was Defeated on September 11th

After viewing some of the 9/11 memorial coverage, I grabbed Bruce Springsteen’s album The Rising and listened to it on my drive to work. One of the songs titled, “Into the Fire” was written (at least I assume) in the perspective of a loved one who lost a firefighter in the Towers that day: The […]

Mockingbird Monday: Lee’s Novel Reminds us that Courage is a choice

On Memorial Daywe take moments to celebratethose people who have demonstrated tremendous acts of self-sacrifice and courage. In honorof the national holiday I thought it would be good to focus on “The Parable of AtticusFinch” and meditate onthe realities ofhow courage really happens: “At this point in the novel, with the Tom Robinson trial on […]

Mockingbird Monday: Atticus Finch, the “loser” hero (a blog from Christianity Today).

As I began writing this week’s Mockingbird Monday post, I was in the midst of piecing together my thoughts about how Atticus Finch’s convictions (more than the possible outcomes of his choices) truly shapehisdecisions. I have been gathering some of the leadership qualitiesthat can be taken fromHarper Lee’s story for an upcoming event. But as […]