A Man’s World? Gender Equality & Unnatural Selection

In a nation where our largest denomination does not view women as capable of leadership, I believe the future of our faith may be defined by how we approach the issue of gender equality. God has a recurring habit of siding with the people on the wrong side of the power structure — of lining […]

It’s OK to Divorce Pat Robertson’s Program Too

As much as I don’t want to write about the man, Pat Robertson caused quite an uproar this week with his commentary about divorce. It shouldn’t surprise anyone who has paid attention to his remarks the last couple of years: Do you remember on his CBN show (that still boasts one million viewers) Robertson pontificating […]

The Story Behind publication of The Mockingbird Parables

I set out to tell the long story of finding a publisher for my first book several weeks ago with hopes that it might provide encouragement for inspiring writers, entertainment for readers of The Mockingbird Parables and enlightenment for anyone interested in the (sometimes complicated) process of publishing a book. We still aren’t certain of […]