Book Projects

Client Endorsements

  • “Matt Litton, you are the man. Thank you for the long hours, late nights, dozens of phone calls and writing sessions, and for stretching me outside of my comfort zone.”

    ANTHONY ONEAL, Speaker & Author, the Dave Ramsey Group

  • “I had a blast working with Matt Litton on my book Retire Inspired! Matt helped me talk through a lot of complicated teaching to make sure I was presenting it in a way any reader could understand. He also challenged me to dig deep and find personal stories from my life to add depth and authenticity to the book. Matt added an editorial eye that made this a better project from top to bottom!”

    CHRIS HOGAN, Speaker & Author, the Dave Ramsey Group


How to Influence Your Reader

The majority of my work could be classified (in some form or another) as “persuasive non-fiction.” Most of my clients are leaders with messages that make a positive spiritual, relational, financial or professional impact on the lives of their readers. I spent the first ten years of my professional life in public relations and marketing. I

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Life as an Obstacle Course

I was on the phone watching my children play in the front yard through the office window.  It was a stressful conference call about a seemingly insurmountable problem. As I sat in my chair observing the motion of summer through glass panes, I noticed that my kids weren’t satisfied just running around the lawn. Yes,

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WHY I’M “GONE FISHING” (& You Should Be Too)

The other day, I posted a note on my office door as a reminder to myself that has been encouraging through my good days of work and ESPECIALLY through the bad. The sign read: “Gone Fishing.” Now, for most of us, the phrase “gone fishing” sounds like “gone on vacation,” but my sign actually has

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