The Problem with Being Nice

I sat in an athletic department office (years ago) as a head coach I was working for sketched plans on a white board and explained how each convoluted detail was essential to his basketball program. The coach was young, inexperienced and very eager to have a winning season. I didn’trealize it at the time, but […]

A Review of Brennan Manning’s Memoir: All Is Grace

I first heard Brennan Manning speak twenty years ago at a college chapel. He bounced around the stage with a shock of white hair and the most God-awful Scotch-plaid sport coat ever blended in a mill, with polyester green pants to match. I remember his illustration of an old preacher who delivered a defining moment […]

The Mystery of the Word

Genesis begins with God speaking the world into existence… “Let there be…” The Gospel of John echoes the story of Genesis in it’s first line: “In the beginning was the Word.” Somehow, before the creation of everything, there were the Words of God. Norman Maclean, in his novella A River Runs through It, writes that […]