WHY I’M “GONE FISHING” (& You Should Be Too)

The other day, I posted a note on my office door as a reminder to myself that has been encouraging through my good days of work and ESPECIALLY through the bad. The sign read: “Gone Fishing.” Now, for most of us, the phrase “gone fishing” sounds like “gone on vacation,” but my sign actually has […]

Nomadic Book Club Tour is coming to Your Neighborhood: Spring/Summer ‘13

I wrote in Holy Nomad that you can (and probably should) be nomadic from the very same zip code; in the spirit of that idea, I am hoping to join your book club, reading group, small group, or church study for a discussion of Holy Nomad: The Rugged Road to Joy via Skype over the […]

The Salesman of the Year – The Essence of Real Life

“What is the one thing you would want your kids to say you taught them?” The question was suspended for a minute. I fought the urge to provide an expected answer and finally settled on the first thing that popped into my mind. “I guess it might be to believe they can accomplish anything they […]