Your faith is not just a matter of heaven and hell–it is a matter of joy.

There are people who describe eternal life as a ticket to heaven-like a bond you cash in when you die. They preach that we are all just here waiting for the perfect end. And we wait–gathering dust and baggage–isolating ourselves.

That way of seeing the world can make life feel more like a life sentence.

If we’re honest about our lives, it seems we all reside in some type of confinement-some form of prison cell. We are interred by our desire to possess, to protect what is ours: our image, our religion, and our reputations. And, of course, there are the even darker cells: loss, pain, addiction, jealousy, and prejudice. Joy seems in short supply.

There must be another way of living: a holy invitation to take the first step from your cell.

What if we were meant to be nomads? What if there is an ever-present holy invitation to emerge? What if we were made to journey with a God who is always on the move?

From Abraham to Jesus, the essence of faith is discovered in the idea that we are traveling forward together, changing, emerging from our cells, progressing as a people on the road toward the kingdom of God. Life to the fullest is the sacrifice, the work, the journey with the Holy Nomad.

This book is an invitation to discover the rugged road to joy.

“Holy Nomad is like a great John Lennon song. Matt Litton is a great writer, poetic, thought-provoking, powerful. I highly recommend this book.” — Johnathon Schaech, actor, director, writer (That Thing You Do, How To Make An American Quilt, Quarantine)

“If you, like me, are earnestly trying to follow the call of this Holy Nomad named Jesus, this book should be part of your journey. If you have lost your Joy, this can begin your journey to not only find it, but reclaim it.” — Mark Sandlin,, Huffington Post

“To take on the endeavor of challenging followers of Jesus to embrace the inevitable nomadic Spiritual life is not for the faint of heart. Yet, Matt Litton, through vulnerability, gentleness, and grace, has invited us to rediscover Christ’s beckoning. The nomad’s journey Litton so masterfully enlightens for us comes with all kinds of uncomfortable realities, but I believe it’s a message the people of faith need…” — Matt Chambers, Director and Co-Founder of SafeWorld

“Matt Litton beckons a poetic existence to my everyday spirituality in Holy Nomad. This book reminds me that I, even I, am shrouded in the presence of the Holy that calls me forth from the fabric seeking to define me and lifts me from the dank, dark places threatening to bury me.” — Chet Bush, Pastor & Author of Called to the Fire — A Witness for God in Mississippi

“Books on spirituality often assume, first & foremost, that we are honest with ourselves when it comes to the frightening task of “walking the Walk,” of following Christ. With passionate (and compassionate) heart & deft pen, Matt Litton closes our escape routes. Instead the author offers us a portrayal of life with Christ as one in which we journey, hand in hand, with the Holy Nomad: Jesus Christ.” — Bill Mallonee, singer/songwriter

“Matt Litton is a man who walks his talk. I’ve found him and his insights to be very helpful to me as I continue progressing to be the man of God I want to be.” — Brian Tome, Senior Pastor, Crossroads Church

“People who believe that joy is found in getting to where you are going…should not read this book. Matt Litton introduces us to a radically different way to live, the way of Jesus, the joyous Nomad of life… Joy is found in the journey with Jesus, not in our ability to play God over our life.” — Dan Boone, President, Trevecca Nazarene University

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