Some Advice about Harper Lee’s new work: “Go, READ A Watchman”

Six years ago, around the 50th Anniversary of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, I wrote a collection of reflections about the characters of Lee’s novel titled The Mockingbird Parables… It was not an academic reading of her novel – more a celebration of the qualities her rich stories have to teach us about courage, compassion, […]

My Afterward to Dream Again by Isaiah Austin

Dream Again, the remarkable story of Isaiah Austin, will be released in several days.  I am excited for the world to hear the story behind his courage and faith… Here is an excerpt from my “Afterward” and why I believe everyone needs to read my friend Isaiah’s inspiring story: Basketball has been a huge part […]

4 Essential Lessons about WORK from the movie Inside Llewyn Davis

Inside Llewyn Davis, the tragic story of a talented songwriter at the end of his rope, can provide some important lessons about how we should approach our work. For anyone who strained for anything redemptive to come out of Llewyn’s comically and uncomfortably tragic tale, well, here is my brief offering in the form of four lessons we […]