WHY I’M “GONE FISHING” (& You Should Be Too)

A River Runs Through It

The other day, I posted a note on my office door as a reminder to myself that has been encouraging through my good days of work and ESPECIALLY through the bad. The sign read: “Gone Fishing.” Now, for most of us, the phrase “gone fishing” sounds like “gone on vacation,” but my sign actually has […]

Some Advice about Harper Lee’s new work: “Go, READ A Watchman”


Six years ago, around the 50th Anniversary of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, I wrote a collection of reflections about the characters of Lee’s novel titled The Mockingbird Parables… It was not an academic reading of her novel – more a celebration of the qualities her rich stories have to teach us about courage, compassion, […]

My Afterward to Dream Again by Isaiah Austin

Dream Again 1

Dream Again, the remarkable story of Isaiah Austin, will be released in several days.  I am excited for the world to hear the story behind his courage and faith… Here is an excerpt from my “Afterward” and why I believe everyone needs to read my friend Isaiah’s inspiring story: Basketball has been a huge part […]